S5 Method®

Once you are clear about the desired direction for your career progression, the next step in the development of your personal career business plan is setting goals. Writing effective goals that are achievable requires a formula—like most things done by successful people. Now that you have clarity about what you want to do, we can introduce you to a proven formula for writing smart and achievable goals. Writing the steps down lets you get it out of your head, freeing up space and allowing more creative thoughts to emerge.
Simple ◊ Strategic ◊ Swift ◊ Sustainable ◊ Success ®

Executive Career Hub University

EC HUB’s exclusive career coaching programs are strategically designed to target the areas of your personal and professional development that need your attention most. Our courses are designed to meet your individual needs and help you to identify the limitations that have been holding you back. The result is crystal clear clarity about where to concentrate your efforts as you choose the next move in your life and in your career. You will achieve the quality of life you desire and the career you always wanted.

Executive Career Hub owns the exclusive rights to the performance improvement coaching and career development processes that will help you to get that winning edge.   Working with Executive Career Hub gives you the benefit of membership in an exclusive online platform that offers you cutting edge partner programs that give you access to leading technology and systems designed to be tailored to your individual needs. You can choose to partner with the best coaches in the coaching industry to leverage your results even further, and as a member you will have access to our exclusive performance improvement systems.

With the Executive Career Hub’s eLearning platform, you have the flexibility and freedom to design your career development program to meet your busy lifestyle. You can set your own course dates, begin a program with a course led by an executive coach, invite others to webinars, set up discussions, get feedback, use ecommerce, and much, much, more.

Who are we and what do we do?

  • We are an exclusive membership organization that supports our members by providing an integrated network of human capital services in a unique one-stop shop for executives, recruiters, and organizations.
  • We provide the leverage that allows our clients to individualize the services they need to accelerate their personal or corporate career development or transitions.
  • We give you access to one of the largest international networks of experienced executive career coaches and organizational consultants. Their combined expertise comprise our professional membership, and they are readily available to partner with you to address your most pressing needs.
  • Our coaches and consultants can work with you to determine the necessary career or organizational adjustments you need to succeed and thrive in today’s shifting economic landscape.

Customer Feedback

“Executive Career Hub is launching a revolutionary network that will assist many professionals to move up, more on and improve their career and personal opportunities. He has the ability to work with diverse individuals and forge a common vision and plan for action. Theyhave to experience and team to make this happen.” May 4, 2012

Rob, President, Publishing Industry

“Solutions 5  has provided me and my business partner with significant support on clarity and new ideas to implement in our business. My coach also been great at holding us accountable to our stated activities. Their presentations to the company at large have been informative and thought-provoking.” January 21, 2009  Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Pat, Sales Training Manager, Real Estate Industry

“I hired Solutions 5 to help me modify my hiring process and help with my employee retention rate. They did a great job structuring a process for me. Their services will continue to add value to my business and I would recommend them to anyone from new business owners to established companies needing a change.” January 21, 2009  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Tera, Executive, Bank of America

“Solutions 5 is an excellent facilitator, their coaching and teaching skills are very strong. They we able to listen, implement and make things happen. I have enjoyed working with them and my business has prospered using their recommendations.” January 19, 2009  Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative

Scott, Realtor/Broker, Coldwell Banker

“Hiring Chris is the best investment I have made towards my new line of work. It is worth more than the new computer, the fancy business cards and the new home office supplies. I have moved leaps and bounds further towards my goals with her help. Chris is insightful and continually sees one step beyond.” 

Jennifer, Entrepreneur

“Thanks to the help and guidance I received I was able to increase my sales by 37% and receive 2 consecutive sales bonuses, something I have never done in the 6 years I have been in sales” 

John, Sales Executive, Pharmaceutical Industry

“I got my money’s worth from the very first session in our first month of coaching” 

Terri, Executive, Technology Industry

“I now love my job so much I don’t mind staying late most nights and have to remind myself to stop to go home, now I need a relationship!”

Jen, Creative Executive, Advertising Industry

“Solutions 5 was insightful and gave me practical, tangible advice for how to overcome what’s been holding me back. I got exactly what I needed to help me move forward at the end of our session.”

Cheryl, Realtor/Broker, Coldwell Banker

“When I engaged Solutions 5 we were cash flow neutral in our property management division. Although we didn’t know it we were overstaffed and under systemized. In a very short amount of time with Solutions 5’s help we were able to become cash flow positive and reach optimum efficiency. I was able personally to move into a owner role rather than manager and the overall attitude of the property management division. A lot of the gifts that Solutions 5 brings are not immediately quantifiable but effect the corporate culture, belief and in the end our ability to reach our full potential.” 


Dear Chris,

 I want to thank you and Solutions 5 Consulting for everything you have brought to my business and to me personally. Not just the professionalism in each presentation, but the attention you give to each employee is amazing. You have the ability to see things in people that help them in ways that make their job and lives more prosperous. And all in the Chris Saffer way, where you have already lead us to the end result, without us even knowing. What a skill!

 My wife and I want to thank you for changing our lives and our dreams, to spend time with our children and the security of financial freedom. Cheers to your continued success! 

Executive, Banking Industry

“Before I hired Solutions 5, I was running in circles. I had tried numerous different ways to align my team to all be working in one direction. With my coach’s help, we were able to restructure and get on track. I couldn’t have done this without him and highly recommend that everyone take the time and money to invest in their business. With Solutions 5 on your team, it will be well worth it!”

Bank of America

“Our Team has been working with Solutions 5 for just over 30 days. Our businesses are already headed in a better direction with his team coaching. I would recommend Solutions 5 to any company in this competitive, difficult, and uncertain time in business.”

Local Restaurant Business

“Solutions 5 came into my business life just at the right time. I was making a huge transition from one of the strongest real estate partnerships in my area of 30 years to single ownership. I knew I needed to do something different to make it work. I prayed a lot about what to do and one of my agents told me to talk with Solutions 5. Our Coach has created a positive transition in the office from all about “I” to team. Our Coach is putting the business systems in place to allow me to be able to manage from a higher level, mentoring my executive leadership team and reorganizing the property management division to be able to handle business more efficiently.”

Coldwell Banker

“I was amazed at the insights from my assessment, the online learning environment and excellent coaches at ECH. It’s great to see this available to support executives in career transition.”

Lynn A

“EC Hub stands for something long absent in the coaching world – a concise, focused, incredibly well researched forum for excellence for professionals in the field, dedicated to measurable results for clients. I am honored to serve the EC Hub community and its growth. The work behind the project is the most comprehensive thus far and my conversation with Chris Saffer confirmed the impact of what’s to come”

Tatiana A

“Executive Career Hub will be an exceptional new resource for the executive that wants to find more than a new job., they want to find a GREAT! new career. Chris and his partners have developed a fantastic model that I am excited to be part of.”

Chuck M

“It was great to get to know Chris a bit more and hear about his vision for ECH. It sounds like an awesome model to support executives and a terrific model for coaches and their practice. Looking forward to being part of the EC HUB vision.”

Linda C

“I heard from Chris Saffer, founder and CEO of Executive Career Hub, about his vision to revolutionize the coaching industry through providing increased access to quality executive and business coaching to organizations and a network to help coaches leverage their expertise to deliver services more effectively. All in all, a dynamite enterprise. I am proud to be a part of it.”

Henri S

“In the time afforded me recently, Chris Saffer solidified his commitment to providing a dynamic response to old school coaching. EC Hub will afford selected coaches a share in the success of its clients like never before!”

Gerald M